The Study Experience

Once you’ve registered with Insights Center, you will begin to receive emails or telephone calls (or texts, if you’ve authorized that) alerting you that a potential study fits your personal profile. However, you can always log into your profile to see what studies may be available to you as well! You are in the driver’s seat.

Click on a potential study and fill out the short, preliminary survey to see if you qualify to participate. If you do, you may be offered the chance to select a date and time.

Once you have selected your preferred date and time, you will receive a confirmation letter outlining your responsibilities. Please keep this information handy, as you may need it to enter the study.

Prior to Your Study

A couple of days before the study, you may receive another email or phone call to confirm you still plan to attend. If there is any possible conflict, this is the time to tell us, as our clients rely on us to provide the correct number of people to meet their study goals.

You may contact us via email at or phone at (720) 787-7620 at any time before your study if you cannot make it or need to reschedule your appointment.

The Day Of the Study

The day of the test, please plan to arrive at the facility at least 15 minutes early. This will allow enough time for our Customer Care Representatives to check you in and verify the information you’ve provide to us during the qualification phase.

Please note: if any of the information provided to use previously does not match the information provided the day of the study, our client may not allow us to use you for the study, and therefore, you will not be compensated.

In addition, if you are late, and the study has already started, you also may not be used to compensated.

Once the study is complete, and you have fulfilled all requirements necessary, you will be escorted to check out and be given your compensation. If you are taking part in a multi-day study, compensation may be held until the final day of the study. If you are taking part in a home use test, you may be asked to come in to receive compensation, or return product as part of the compensation process.

We appreciate our Change Agents, and work diligently to ensure their time is appreciated. Your voice can create change.